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KREA2 is a generator of bio spaces of creation, freedom and financing.

Your space in K2

Your space on KREA2 consists of a unique web address where you can include your bio links, have your own App, and optionally sell your private content through monthly subscriptions or one-time payments.

Example: https://krea2.pro/max2


Concentrate all your links and content (services, events, posts, videos, courses, texts, videoconferences) in a single web address.

Have an App for your subscribers to install. Compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux.
Keep your subscribers notified of your latest activity.
Create your own community.
Freedom to finance your creations. No censorship.

Payment methods


Your buyers can pay you by credit card through the secure payment platform Stripe.


Optionally you can include Bitcoin as a payment method to facilitate access to your content.

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