KREA2 is a generator of bio spaces of creation, freedom and financing.

Your space in K2

Your space on KREA2 consists of a unique web address where you can include your bio links, have your own App, and optionally sell your private content through monthly subscriptions or one-time payments.



Concentrate all your links and content (services, events, posts, videos, courses, texts, videoconferences) in a single web address.

Have an App for your subscribers to install. Compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux.
Keep your subscribers notified of your latest activity.
Create your own community.
Freedom to finance your creations. No censorship.

Payment methods


Your buyers can pay you by credit card through the secure payment platform Stripe.


Optionally you can include Bitcoin as a payment method to facilitate access to your content.

Plans Manifest

KREA2 is a platform born from the conviction that we need a revolution in the ways of managing creativity and culture.

We are forged as free and thinking individuals only if we can kreate freely and without censorship and access to diverse contents that promote our critical capacity. This is the only way to achieve a fairer and more responsible world.

The Internet burst onto the scene to democratize knowledge and make it available to all. However, the very forces that were supposed to promote this tool have submitted to corporate interests to the detriment of individual freedom. Content platforms and social networks have managed to categorize society, once again, under mercantilist criteria. Thus, the most successful contents are those capable of generating income for large industries, the interests of which do not necessarily coincide with content quality criteria. It will be difficult to promote diversity, experimentation and protect the essence of free creation if we do not promote spaces from which to enjoy and experiment with free and respectful kreation with others. A space for creative exchange where we learn to value kreators and to participate in their talent in a responsible way so that we can guarantee that their contribution is not mostly lost in the industry and intermediary platforms.

This is a commitment to change the paradigm. We want to contribute to the gestation and promotion of new dynamics in the understanding and consideration of creative value.

The kreator is and must be for us, the main recipient of what his talent generates and enjoy kreative freedom not subject to the censorship of the prevailing platforms in the market today.

The sponsor is the second backbone of this symbiosis so that he or she contributes with his or her contributions to make the kreador's work possible.

For this reason, in KREA2 we address, on the one hand, to daring, original, free kreators, masters and lords of their creations who do not want to submit to the dictates of the big platforms and who are committed to constant experimentation.

On the other hand, sponsors who are responsible and aware of the recognition of the value of kreation and who provide the kreator with a direct return.

In this way, through a critical and respectful exercise, sponsors and kreadores will participate and enjoy the works, we will make them ours and we will contribute from an economic point of view to normalize this enriching union for both parties.

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