KREA2 is a generator of bio spaces of creation, freedom and financing.

Frequently asked questions

What is KREA2's commission?
If you are in Basic Account, the commission is 10% + financial expenses (2.9% + 0.25€). If you are in Premium Account, the commission is 3% + financial expenses (2.9% + 0.25€).
When do I get paid my earnings?
The earnings are paid from the 1st to the 10th of each month to the bank account you specify above.
How do I set the price of my subscription?
In the Premium Account you can set the price you want by entering the section, in the Basic Account the price of your subscription is 5€/month and you can't change it.
How does the subscription work for my subscribers?
Your subscribers subscribe on a specific day and will be charged monthly on the same date. That is, if they subscribe for example on May 15th, they will be automatically charged again on June 15th and so on.
How do I keep track of my subscribers' payments?
You can track payments from the buttons at the top of this page. From the € Sponsors and € PROWORKS buttons.
I don't want to offer monthly subscriptions, is this possible?
Yes, you can deactivate the monthly subscriptions above, from the account type button. You will still be able to use the links function and if you want you can sign up for the Premium account to use the PROWORKS function.
Can I use KREA2 for free?
Yes, you can deactivate the monthly subscriptions above, from the Account type button. You will still be able to use the links feature.
PROWORKS is a premium account feature that allows you to create content structured in modules. With PROWORKS you can set the price of your content and it can be purchased by subscribers and non-subscribers. You can also set a discount, if you wish, for your monthly subscribers. You can share it and/or access it here:
How do I sign up for a premium account and how much does it cost?
The premium account can be purchased in seconds from the Premium section. It is worth 25€/month.
Bitcoin payments
If you activate this feature your monthly subscribers will be able to pay you in Bitcoin every month. We provide you with a wallet and a recovery seed to receive the BTC directly, so there are no KREA2 commissions or financial expenses, only the fees of the miners of the BTC network.
How do I communicate with all my subscribers?
In the Premium Account you can send a mass email, in the Basic Account you can write content on your wall.
How do I change the design of my KREA2 page?
You can change it from the Settings section.
Does K2 offer you an App?
Yes, we offer an App for your subscribers to install on their phones and desktop operating systems so they can directly access your page and your notifications. It can be installed on Android and iOS and on Windows, Mac and Linux as if it were just another program. It is a PWA App (Progressive Web App) that by design is very non-invasive and can not collect personal information, in line with the philosophy of K2. Contact for more information.